Our mission

Luis Miguel Domínguez Mencía

This citizen movement, committed to the survival of this living icon of our most pure wildlife, the Iberian Wolf, demands immediate change and works daily to protect the Iberian Wolf from its worst threat: STIGMATIZATION.

Very few of our wildlife species are as stripped of prestige by the public management of wildlife, as is this beautiful and legendary social hunter. The wolf is persecuted by the administrations through ZOOLOGICAL RACISM. Without sufficient and up to date scientific argument there is no justification for the wolf’s daily and premeditated killings. The Iberian Wolf’s suffers from an absolute lack of legislation that would once and for all ensure its ultimate conservation.

Time is running out and so are the wolves, therefore spurring us into committed and bold action. We are convinced that in a rural world we need the wolf as an added value; everywhere that is, where both realities coincide bio-geographically.

A new era is beginning, Spain reinvents itself by its own duty and regarding the conservation of bio-diversity, only the Sustainable Rural Development will prevail. We always respond to myths with facts. The so-called conflict of the wolf is an official lie that only benefits its intermediaries; a fable that, curiously enough, also threaten our very own existence: shady politics and dirty money.

LOBO MARLEY works to create a system of social support .The numbers of that system will outweigh the importance of any other spokesperson that dismiss the wolf issue at will and without taking into consideration an entire society’s sensibility to the subject.

We will be so many in numbers, that the administrations won’t have a choice but to include us in the decision making process about this species. We believe and acknowledge that the livestock / farming sector is very important on this matter, and that as a collective they are affected (very occasionally) from the wolf’s presence. We also realize that our mission is unfeasible without the support from these sectors. But we are absolutely against the idea of said collective being the driving force when drawing a common strategy in regards to management the wolf as a species.

Society, rural or not, has a lot to say on this matter. It has a right to safeguard its natural patrimony and deserves respect as well as an actual presence in the wolf plan.

LOBO MARLEY works in a judicial aspect to protect an animal that in a lot of areas of the Iberian Peninsula survives in a «no-man’s-land both from a legal and regulative point of view.

With the help of citizens’ moral and economic support, we are working in a series of legal demands both in Spanish and Brussels Courts. We work so that Brussels and the EU become aware of the corrupt practices which have been applied for decades to the planning and management of conservation of the Iberian Wolf. These corrupted actions have been performed by both Spanish Government and the individual provinces with major populations.

Ojos de Lobo Foto: Carlos Velasco

Los ojos de la curiosidad  Foto: Carlos Velasco

Lobo Marley will prove that a mix of indolence and persecution mania is the lethal cocktail that brings this species into total defenselessness. We will also demonstrate that a lack of legislation and the current corrupt and negligent way to apply what little of it there is, constantly transgresses against the wolf’s survivability.

The Iberian Wolf, though an endemic species to the Peninsula, is not an animal that Spain and Portugal should exclusively claim as their own. This carnivore is a species of common interest, which the EU considers a gem. The wolf belongs to no one, but he is for all of us.

Lobo Marley will demonstrate in a constructive manner that the wolf and its presence in particular rural areas of Spain can turn into a socio-economic developmental engine for several sectors. We will show the master lines of a plan that includes the wolf as a vigorous engine, so it cedes to be considered a burden, when in fact it is a jewel. The wolf is THE SOLUTION, not the PROBLEM. And to prove it, we work daily, imaginatively and accordingly with current times.

Lobo Marley is NOT a Non-Profit Organization. We are not subsidized and we intend to include, in a personal and individual manner, each and every one individual, from any given social or economic sector; anyone whom simply will not stand to lose this species forever.

Our goal is forever set: a common course of coexistence and convenience between wolves and livestock holders and farmers. We know how to do it and we extend our clean and competent hands to the administrations to implement peace, for everyone’s benefit, in this absurd and delirious war.

This is an unstoppable movement, with a history of making each and every one of its followers a protagonist, who through specific actions feel that conservation of species is not only the work of biologists, ecologists or naturalists. It is our right and obligation.

Lobo Marley wishes to complete the task that so many environmental defenders have been working towards for decades, enlarging the growth of a social movement that is as strong and heterogeneous as it is subtle and homogeneous.

Nature Conservation is not an ornament in our lives, but instead a foundation, base and roof of our common home. We strive for a new country; a country that is more respectful towards its bio- -diversity and which travels through the 21st Century without complexes and respecting its species.


Luis Miguel Domínguez, President of Lobo Marley